Get Paid for Blogging

Get Paid for Blogging Program

Want to get paid for blogging? Rank Me SEO Services Blogger Program allows you to earn money for blogging about SEO, social media, Link Building, Search engines and Content marketing. If we decide to publish your post we will make sure we pay $50 before publishing the post. If you don’t receive the payment on time please contact us and we will resolve it within 3 working days.

We are looking for writers who can cover the following topics:

  • SEO
  • Search engine
  • Link Building
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media

DIGITAL MARKETING, Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Here’s what we are looking for in your article

  • High quality, original content that is unique and useful.
  • Good use of data, images and quotes from experts.
  • Blog posts that have a word count of at least 1,500 words.

Here are a few more rules to follow:

  • All data, quotations, images and outside content should have proper attribution.
  • Link back to other posts published on the Rank Me SEO Services Blog.
  • Please do not republish your accepted post anywhere else.

Here are a few things we won’t accept:

  • Anything that’s been covered on our blogs before.
  • Anything that may be construed as a link-building scheme.
  • Anything that’s too promotional for your company or organization.
  • Anything that’s offensive or inaccurate.
  • Anything that we find is copied from other websites

Search Engine optimization

How to Get Paid $50 For Your Blog Post

Please email the article to with the following:

  • Link to your completed post on Google Doc
  • Image files (with proper attribution/Image Credits)
  • Short bio of the author

If your article meets our editorial standards and aligns with our content strategy, we will respond to let you know your article will be published and we will arrange for making the payments. That process may take up to 2-3 weeks.

Due to the volume of requests we receive, we cannot respond to all submissions.

Please note: Articles will not be accepted if they may be considered promotional in nature, provide information about a Web site, product, or service, or are written for SEO purposes.

Publishing Terms and Conditions

By submitting articles for publication on Rank Me SEO Services you grant Rank Me SEO Services exclusive first-serial rights to the articles including the right to archive the article online on an indefinite basis and the world-wide, royalty free and non-exclusive license to use, distribute, reproduce, publish, and incorporate the article (in whole or in part) in any ancillary or subsidiary product or reprint.

By submitting an article, you represent that you are its sole author or creator, or that you are submitting it with the permission of its author or creator who has agreed to these terms and conditions. You also grant Rank Me SEO Services permission to publish your photo in any publication or Web site in relation to your article. Rank Me SEO Services reserves the right to edit articles for grammar and style.


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