Copied until proven Original

Well, let me first explain by what exactly I mean by the title "Copied until proven Original" - With blogging suddenly becoming so popular that many companies make their living just by doing that and in this world of internet every word you write is assumed to be Copied until proven Original. Now with these blogging sites inundated with people trying to write, some because they like writing and have genuine content, most write because of the so called SEO tactics to get backlinks and ultimately improve page rank and domain authority. So to control the flow of genuine and not so genuine material the need for so called Editors for these blog websites/companies has arisen.

What is an Original Content ? 

Ok, so how do these Editors define Original Content ? My experience with these Editors defining "Original" Content has been anything that has never crossed their eyes or that they can't find in a quick Google search when they put a few things from the article there. Now with millions of books and billions of pages of content available over the internet its almost impossible to find out if something is Copied or is truly Original.

Copied until proven Original 

So why do you think most of the articles or blogs you write and send to these Editors get rejected ? Because they start with the assumption that its copied and is not original even if there is no way for them to fully prove the plagiarism source. Anything that is even remotely available online and similar to something that you have sent can get the label of a "Copied Content" even though you write every word of it yourself.

  Why do Editors get away with this ? 

Because with gazillion of pages available these days on the internet there is not a word you can come up with that has not been used before. So no one can ever prove that the content is truly original and hence these Editors can get away with anything. Also, I have seen multiple times that an article that gets rejected on one blog site as "Not Original" qualifies and gets published on another. I guess you have to be a little lucky at the end of the day to get your article published.

So What to do if your blogs keep getting rejected ?

Believe me its more common of a scenario than you think. And my personal opinion is that 99% percent of blogs get rejected and only a selected few make it to the selected 1%. So this blog selecting process is not actually a selection but basically a rejection process. So don't be disappointed, keep writing your truly original content and keep publishing on a lot of free blogging websites available these days like or and many others.

How to make sure your content qualifies as Original 

The most important thing to qualify for an original content is the Topic that you decide to write on. If too many people have already written on it, its very hard to get that passed through unless you have some very clear distinctions from what is already available. For this blog I came up with a topic "Copied until proven Original" that I can't even find anything written on when I search on Google. But what do you think are its chances to get published on blogging sites like Huffington Post ? If you guessed anything other than less than 1% you are wrong. This blogging industry is totally driven by these numbers.

So if you are an avid blogger and want to write on good or new topics just keep writing your original content. There is nothing or no one stopping you from doing that. And if you ever feel down by not getting selected by blogging sites always remember there are many more people on your boat than on the other. So keep your head held high and keep writing !!!!


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